Netflix's wonderful documentary about dogs is lifting spirits and leaving people very emotional 1 year ago

Netflix's wonderful documentary about dogs is lifting spirits and leaving people very emotional

An essential watch for anyone that loves dogs.

In case you're not aware, there's so much good stuff to watch on the TV this weekend. Aside from the epic meeting between Ireland and New Zealand, we've also got Narcos: Mexico, David Attenborough's new documentary on BBC and the latest feature from Louis Theroux to get stuck into.

This being said, there's nothing else that can sooth the soul quite like a few doggos and as mentioned previously, Netflix have a real treat for anyone that loves spending time with some good boys and girls.

The series tells the story of dogs in six parts across Syria, Japan, Costa Rica, Italy and the United States.

Essentially, each episode documents a unique story about these lovable pooches and how their bond with their owners is unlike anything else.

For example, the first episode tells the story of Corrine, an 11-year-old girl who suffers from traumatic seizures. Her life is forever changed when she meets Rory, a dog trained to detect oncoming seizures. As the description states: "this episode highlights the depths of a closely formed friendship between a child and their dog, the unbreakable trust they have in each other and the incredible power of a dog's ability to assist humans in health and wellness."

Elsewhere, we've got an emotional reunion between Ayham, a man that fled fled war-torn Syria, and his his best friend, a Siberian Husky named Zeus.

In terms of the other tales, viewers will be introduced to a fisherman named Alessandro who is always joined on the seas by his professional partner, Ice, a 10-year-old Labrador.

An episode that's set in Japan explores how pups are often dressed to match their owners and dog grooming, while the next feature documents a Costa Rican rainforest that's home to thousands of dogs that were saved from living on the streets.

The final episode examines New York City's adoption process and how it provides a valuable service to those dogs that are in need of good homes and shelter.

To say that Dogs is an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement.

Since landing on Netflix, the six-part series has moved plenty of people.