New documentary will reveal how Ireland has prepared for an apocalypse 2 years ago

New documentary will reveal how Ireland has prepared for an apocalypse

"Mr. Mayor, everyone in Galway knows where this bunker is..."

Did you know there was a nuclear bunker under a community school in Galway that was only big enough to house 55 people?


We certainly didn't, but that is just one of the many topics that new Irish documentary Go mBeirimid Beo will be discussing when it airs on TG4 next month.

The title - literally translated to May We Live - will be a sort-of light-hearted look at how Ireland has previously attempted to prepare for potentially world-ending events, with the entire project brought about in light of how the country (and, indeed, the entire planet) was effectively brought to a standstill by the pandemic.

While most of us don't really have any idea of what the Irish government might have in mind should an imminent apocalypse suddenly arrive on our doorsteps - well, except maybe for Gabriel Byrne, who certainly does have some thoughts on the issue - this documentary will attempt to reveal what plans of action the figureheads have already tried to put in place.

Additionally, the filmmakers will talk to folk from around the globe, with many weighing in on why they're already prepping for an end of days scenario, and why the people of Ireland should probably consider doing the same.


While we've probably all had enough of the doom-scrolling for the last year-and-a-half, at the very least, this documentary will attempt to find the humour in it all, in that typically darkly Irish fashion we're used to.

Also, if it makes you feel any better, it turns out Ireland is listed among the top five nations most likely to survive the collapse of global civilisation. So that's nice.

Go mBeirimid Beo will air on TG4 on Wednesday, 8 September at 9.30pm. Check out the trailer in full right here:


Clip via TG4