New Succession trailer teases the turbulent weeks ahead 2 months ago

New Succession trailer teases the turbulent weeks ahead

"It's like Jaws, if everyone in Jaws worked for Jaws."

HBO have dropped a new teaser trailer for the upcoming episodes of Succession season 4, following the first episode premiering this week.


In typical Succession fashion, it looks like it's going to be full of fireworks as the series comes to a close.

The first episode of season 4 showed Shiv, Kendall and Roman go up against their father to pull off a deal with PGM, which they ultimately won. But there's plenty of trepidations ahead for the siblings as the new trailer hints at.


In the trailer, we first see Logan stalking the ATN newsroom floor "with a slight sense that he might kill someone," in Greg's words, showing that the patriarch is going on the offensive after his disappointing defeat in episode one.

Logan also seems to be reaching out to his son Roman on the sly, which could cause friction in future episodes between the three siblings and potentially turn his head. After Shiv and Kendall find out, Roman tells them to stop ganging up on him and treating him like he's George Harrison, "I'm John, motherf***ers." Put that in the book of classic Roman lines.

The upcoming presidential election looms large over the upcoming season and in the new trailer, we see far-right candidate Jeryd Mencken cause a stir in the family and his close ties to Roman could once again bring the sibling harmony into disrepute. "If I lose, I want it correctly characterized as a huge victory," Mencken says to the youngest Roy. What could go wrong?

Lukas Matsson comes back into the mix this season riding on a high and from the trailer we see the tech mogul face off with Roman and makes some interesting comments about Shiv and Tom's house. He's clearly a disrupter in more ways than one.


The trailer ends with a premonition from Gerri, who says "they have no idea what's coming." And of course, would it be a Succession trailer if we didn't get a colourful final line from Logan Roy himself?

"Happy Christmas, you clock-watching f***s." Thanks Logan, the final season seems like it's going to be better than any present we could ask for.

Watch the full The Weeks Ahead trailer below.


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