Succession's Nicholas Braun discusses his awkward scene in season 4 premiere 2 months ago

Succession's Nicholas Braun discusses his awkward scene in season 4 premiere

Everyone wants to know where Greg ends up.

The fourth season of Succession kicked off this week with a great opening episode, laying the groundwork for a bombastic final act. One of the stars of the show Nicholas Braun recently spoke about his character Greg and his particularly awkward moment in the season premiere.


The first episode saw Greg attend Logan's birthday party with a girl he met from a dating app, predictably getting himself into a very embarrassing situation concerning a guest bedroom and some alleged hidden cameras.

After finding out his romantic rendezvous might be watched by the Roy family patriarch, Greg confesses to Logan off screen, leading to some awkward post-conversation antics.

In an interview with Variety, the actor was asked about the tension between his character and Logan Roy in the episode and whether they shot the confession scene before taking it out.

"We did not shoot that scene. I felt the same when we watched it at the premiere. I was like, ‘Man, that would have been such a fun scene.’ I think it’s [Succession creator] Jesse [Armstrong’s] sensibility of you can’t give an audience everything they want.


"You can’t give them the thing, the main event. He always comes up to the line and usually he backs off and he lets your imagination take over. But that was one I was like, ‘I wished we did do something like that.’ Anyway, I trust Jesse. He made that call."

What next for Greg?

Braun also chatted about his character's longer term journey and where he might end up at the end of the show.

"Season four is big for Greg," Braun said. "Greg is tested and puts himself forward as a different kind of guy at times this season – he’s more bold and strategic than we’ve ever seen him [before]. He’s always been a guy who’s tried to play whatever sides are available to him and he really leans into that this season."


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