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29th Sep 2017

Omniplex Cinemas are kicking off a classic movie season with some truly amazing films

It is time to #BringItBack

Rory Cashin

The only thing better than watching a great movie is catching it on the big screen again.

Movie fans will be very, very, VERY happy to hear that Omniplex Cinemas will be showing a great selection of classic movies throughout October.

The mix of films is pretty varied, which means that we can’t help but use the classic phrase “There is something for everyone”.

You can head right here to pick up the tickets for the films as part of their October #BringItBack season, but your pals at JOE have gone and picked out all the important details of what you’ll need to know!

And best of all, all tickets are only €8 each, so we fully expect them to sell pretty sharp-ish.

MY GIRL, Monday 2 October

Why you should go see it? A very handy way of seeing if you or a loved one is, in fact, an emotionless robot is to watch this movie and see if you can make it all the way through without balling your eyes right out of your head.

Clip via Movieclips


Why you should go see it? Because it is generally regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made. End of.

Clip via YouTube Movies

THE ADDAMS FAMILY, Monday 16 October

Why should you go see it? As one of the darkest, funniest comedies we’ve seen, The Addams Family was so perfectly cast, and so perfectly written, that the only way it could be any better is to watch it while laughing along with everyone else in the screen who happen to have the same twisted sense of humour you do.

Clip via MovieStation

THE PRINCESS BRIDE, Monday 23 October

Why should you go see it? It has just turned 30 years old, but still stands up as one of the greatest family-friendly adventure movies ever made. So clever, so funny, so many quotes. Now say it with us: “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya…”

Clip via Movieclips Trailer Vault

THE SHINING, Tuesday 31 October

Why should you go see it? Arguably the best horror movie ever made, on Halloween night. Do you really need any more reasoning than that?

Clip via YouTube Movies

There’s more to come in November and December too, so this is just the beginning of something truly special. We can’t wait!

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