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27th Mar 2024

Netflix fans can’t get enough of binge-worthy ’10/10′ thriller series

Nina McLaughlin

Pact of Silence

Many have taken to social media to lavish praise on the series.

A Netflix thriller has become a huge hit with viewers who have said they watched the entire show in a single day.

Titled Pact Of Silence, the series is from Mexico and focuses on Brenda Rey (Camila Valero), a woman who – after being abandoned at birth by her biological mother and growing up homeless on the mean streets of her city – becomes a social media influencer.

“Now she’s on a mission to find out who left her for dead,” the Netflix plot synopsis reads.

“What she knows: The headmistress of the school that her biological mom went to once helped a group of teens get rid of a baby. So Brenda’s tracking them down, one by one, to exact her revenge.”

Pact of Silence trailer

Winning the hearts of fans, many who watched Pact of Silence have taken to social media to lavish praise on the series.

“I usually don’t post about TV series on Netflix but I’m making an exception. Pact of Silence is a series I’d highly recommend. I binge watched it over the last five days,” one person wrote.

A second wrote: “Pact of Silence on Netflix is sooooooo good. 10/10! I was up until 3am watching it.”

A third added: “Pact of Silence on Netflix has me at the edge of the seat…”

While another said: “Gonna start screaming about Pact of Silence on Netflix like I did for Queen of the South. That show is chef’s kiss.”

Comprising of a whopping 18 episodes – each around 35 to 45 minutes long – Pact of Silence is streaming on Netflix now.

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