This idea could be the perfect plan for Normal People Series 2 3 years ago

This idea could be the perfect plan for Normal People Series 2

Make this happen please...

Do you find yourself waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, wondering why any sane person would buy a Rocket instead of a 99 from an ice cream van?


Have you been uncontrollably shouting "JUST ASK HER TO THE DEBS YOU MUPPET" at the most inappropriate times?

Or maybe you're addicted to shopping online, browsing site after site, night after night, on the never-ending hunt for just ONE of those goddamn chains.

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions then you, my friend, are very clearly suffering from a severe case of IRWMNPPGMMN. Or, to give it its full scientific name, I Really Want More Normal People Please Give Me More Now.

Normal People Series 2


Anyone suffering from Connell and Marianne withdrawal symptoms is in luck though. During our recent, reveal-all chats with some of the Irish stars of the hit TV show, they were definitely open to a brilliant suggestion from Oscar-nominated director Lenny Abrahamson about how they could perfectly create Normal People Series 2.

Here's what Lenny had to say in our Normal People Spoiler Special...

"There's a niggling thought that we've all played with... what would it be like to revisit them in five years or 10 years?

Because the characters are so well-defined and because they sort of exist for a lot of people, it's so rare to have that thing to play with, and to have those very securely-grounded characters.

And it's an opportunity that therefore doesn't come along very often where you could look at or pick another point in their lives and sort of triangulate a sense of them fully over the course of a period of time.

If everybody was up for that in a few years’ time, I'm sure that would be an amazing thing to try and do."

So, would everybody be up for this Richard Linklater-style revisiting?


Well, Fionn O'Shea (who plays Jamie) would "love to see a second one", but isn't too sure if he'd be asked back having "burned every bridge imaginable!" While according to Desmond Eastwood (Connell's friend Niall), "there's nothing [he] would love more" and Normal People Series 2 would "just be the most incredible thing ever or even for it to happen."

India Mullen (who stars as Marianne's friend Peggy) agrees that coming back to them in "a few years is an interesting idea" to see "how has that affected them individually and as a unit", but what about the man of the moment though... would Paul Mescal be up for it?

"I do agree with Lenny's idea that it's something, I think, if you were to ever revisit it, you've got to let them grow up a little bit, you've got to let them enter a different phase of their life..."

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