QUIZ: Can you match the quote to the classic Irish film? 4 years ago

QUIZ: Can you match the quote to the classic Irish film?

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How well do you know your Irish movies?


For a small country, we’ve punched above our weight when it comes to "fillums." Not only have we produced some incredible actors, writers and directors but we've also made some seriously memorable movies.

There's something special about watching an Irish flick. You get all the jokes, understand all the slang and usually recognise some of the locations. Sure where else would you get it?

We've collected quotes from Ireland's best-known films to test your memory with this tricky movie quiz. Far and Away didn’t make the cut though. We had to boycott that particular gem because of Tom Cruise’s awful attempt at an Irish accent. Sorry, Tom.

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To celebrate the launch, we thought we'd test your knowledge of the following Irish cinematic classics. Be warned though - only the biggest movie buffs will walk away with 18/18.

Good luck!


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