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27th Feb 2021

Rick and Morty creator reacts to dropping one of the first f-bombs on Disney+

Rory Cashin

‘This show is so bonkers, so violent, so insane, and there is plenty of swearing!’

Up until this week, it is probably fair to say that Disney+ has been the most family-friendly of the streaming services. Between all of the Disney and Pixar and Marvel and Star Wars and Nat Geo stuff on there, it was pretty much all entirely based around the entire family being able to enjoy the shows and movies available.

However, with the arrival of the Star brand on the streaming service, there is now a section of Disney+ that is definitely aimed towards the older viewer. While you can adjust the settings to make sure that the younger Disney+ fans won’t have access to it, a lot of the new content definitely skews older.

Just one part of that new content is the new show Solar Opposites, which comes from Justin Roiland, the co-creator of hit comedy series Rick & Morty, and JOE was lucky enough to chat to him about his new show, and more specifically, how he feels about having one of the very first f-bombs on Disney+.

Right at the top of the first episode of Solar Opposites, you’ll hear one of the characters drop the f-bomb. While fans of Rick & Morty won’t be surprised by that, it does feel like a mini-landmark for the Disney+ brand.

“It is pretty insane. When I heard we were going to be on Disney+, it tends to be PG or PG-13 across the board,” Roiland tells us.

“I can work within any restraints that you give me, and work within those boxes and have lots of fun, and make the comedy work for whatever the audience is. But my natural comedic instinct is to push it, to push stuff. So when I found out that we were gonna be on Disney+, I thought ‘This show is so bonkers, so violent, so insane, and there is plenty of swearing’, but I have a feeling that is what Star is.

“I think there is going to be a lot of shows that they’re plucking from a lot of different places in the US, and put it on this [platform], that push the line, that push it a little further than most of the stuff that you would see on Disney+.”

“I would imagine that we’re not necessarily the first, but we’re definitely a part of the first wave of f-bombs on Disney+, I guess!”

The first few episodes of Solar Opposites are available to watch on Disney+ right now, with the rest to be released weekly going forward.

Check out the trailer for Season One of the show right here:

Clip via Disney Plus UK & Ireland

This interview was edited slightly for clarity.