Tim Allen returning for The Santa Clause series on Disney+ 6 months ago

Tim Allen returning for The Santa Clause series on Disney+

Hopefully this means the much anticipated Galaxy Quest sequel isn't too far behind...

Disney+ seem to be very busy working through their own back catalogue of live-action hits in order to give them a long-desired remake/reboot/sequel.


We already know that both Enchanted and Hocus Pocus are getting follow-up movies coming directly to Disney+ later in 2022, and today Disney have confirmed that The Santa Clause is also getting a follow-up.

The difference here is that it will actually be getting a limited series instead of a feature length movie, much like Turner & Hooch and The Mighty Ducks already have on the streaming service.

Additionally, Tim Allen will be returning to the role of Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus, which he portrayed in three movies in 1994, 2002 and 2006, making a decent $470 million at the worldwide box office combined.

The new limited series will have a production and showrunning team from the folks who have previously worked on hit comedy shows such as Frasier, 30 Rock and Modern Family.


Production is set to begin in March, so chances are very good we'll actually get to see the new show debut on Disney+ in time for Christmas 2022.

Meanwhile (and we know this is hardly the right time for it), the original trilogy of The Santa Clause movies are available to watch right now on Disney+.

And all in the name of good fun, why not revisit this classic Cinema Sins episode which focuses on all of the impossibilites of the first movie's plot...


Clip via CinemaSins