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10th Dec 2023

Shrek fans ‘traumatised’ after spotting questionable moment in Lord Farquaad scene

Charlie Herbert

Shrek easter egg

Shrek is truly the gift that keeps on giving

An eagle-eyed Shrek fan has taken to TikTok to point out a hidden gag in the film, that has been labelled as “traumatising”.

The user posted the scene on the social media site, and I’ll warn you now, it’s not okay.

In the scene, the antagonist Lord Farquaard is seen lying in bed with a martini, before asking the magic mirror to show him a picture of Princess Fiona. The mirror – with a discerning look on its face – obliges.

At this point, Farquaard seems to have a moment of shock/surprise and pulls the bed covers up. Can you see where this is going yet?

I’ll let the video do the rest of the explaining for you.

@kathy_martinez05 Did anyone else catch that? #fyp #foryou #Shrek #adultjokes #adulthumor #childhood ♬ original sound – Kathy


Shrek fans spot X-rated Easter Egg in questionable scene

The comments of this particular TikTok have morphed into some sort of group therapy session, as everyone voices their trauma.

One wrote: “My last 1% of innocence I had, just left my soul??”

Another had so many questions, writing: “Why? Why did they do that? Who agreed to animate that? Hello???”

A third said: “I’m not at all innocent, but I am traumatised from seeing this and understanding this now.”

The comments basically carry on like this, with shock, horror and similar emotions.

Adult jokes in kids films are all over the place though, with several more risqué moments unearthed on the account that this TikTok is from.

In the very same film for example, Shrek asks Donkey whether Lord Farquaard is “compensating for something” when they see the size of his castle.

And if you haven’t clocked this not-so-subtle innuendo in Toy Story 2, then enjoy.

You can tell that some of the writers and animators behind these films certainly had a bit of fun in production.

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