New Spider-Man spin-off movie reveals INCREDIBLY violent first trailer 5 months ago

New Spider-Man spin-off movie reveals INCREDIBLY violent first trailer

This will be the first adult-aimed movie within the Spider-Man movie universe.

Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and all Spider-Man adjacent characters, but they did come to an understanding with Disney and Marvel to allow the inclusion of Tom Holland's Spider-Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some of their movies.


That was reciprocated for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which brought Doctor Strange from the MCU into Sony's Spider-Man Universe (known as the SSU).

This is also why the Spider-Man live-action spin-off movies so far - Venom, Morbius, Venom: Let There Be Carnage - have all been Sony movies too, and not Disney/Marvel movies.

We're telling you all of this because the next Spider-Man spin-off movie will be much less family-friendly, with some very adult-aimed levels of violence. Say hello to Kraven The Hunter...


Did you see that? Did you SEE those fight sequences? The red-band trailer for Kraven The Hunter is NOT holding back on the gore, with some John Wick-esque levels of violence within the scraps. Some Marvel movies have received an R-rating from certificate boards before - Logan, the Deadpool movies - but this is the first of its type within the SSU.

Directed by J.C. Chandor (All Is Lost, A Most Violent Year) and from the writers of Iron Man and The Equalizer, the new anti-hero movie will tell the story of Kraven (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who looks to seek revenge for the violent acts of his evil father (Russell Crowe).

It appears to be a major change from the comic books, in which Kraven is viewed as the world's greatest hunter, and after becoming bored of hunting every animal on Earth, he sets his sets on what could be his greatest prey: Spider-Man.

In the movie, it appears that Kraven has been gifted the ability to communicate with animals (sort of like Aquaman, but on dry land?), and uses those abilities to hunt down the men who have done evil deeds.


Co-starring Ariana DeBose as Calypso, Fred Hechinger as Chameleon, Christopher Abbot as The Foreigner, and Allesandro Nivola as Rhino, there is no indication yet as to how this might fold into the larger SSU, but we're sure that Sony are keeping some of those plot-heavy cards pretty close to their chests right now.

Kraven The Hunter will arrive in cinemas in Ireland and the UK on Friday 6 October.

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