Stranger Things drops first teaser for its final season 2 weeks ago

Stranger Things drops first teaser for its final season

"Excuse our mess."

Stranger Things has just dropped a first teaser trailer for its fifth and final season.


Without any prior warning, the show's official Twitter account shared the short clip, alongside the caption: "Excuse our mess".

In the footage, viewers can see Scoops Ahoy, the ice cream parlour where Steve (Joe Keery) and Robin (Maya Hawke) both previously worked, in complete ruins.

As fans of the sci-fi series can probably remember, the ice cream shop was absolutely obliterated back in season three by the Spider Monster.


If you look closely into the rubble you can also see Robin’s “You Suck” sign as well as the remains of the Scoops Ahoy sign itself.

Stranger Things season 5


Previously, the creators of Stranger Things - the Duffer Brothers - revealed that the final batch of episodes will see the character of Will (Noah Schnapp) take "centre stage again".

Will is one of the Stranger Things' main characters, with his disappearance back in season one kicking off the show's supernatural shenanigans.

Speaking about season five, Ross Duffer explained: “This emotional arc for [Will] is what we feel is going to hopefully tie the whole series together."

Also, in the latest issue of Total Film, the show's executive producer and frequent director Shawn Levy (who is also making Deadpool 3) said that Stranger Things season 5 will see “major cinematic storytelling” and be huge in scope.


He told the film magazine: “It’s major, major, cinematic storytelling that happens to be called a TV series. Stranger Things 5 is as big as any of the biggest movies that we see.”

Filming for Stranger Things season 5 was supposed to begin earlier this year but due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood, this was postponed.

As such, it is currently unclear when the final batch of episodes will be dropping on Netflix, though most estimates point towards the tail end of 2024 or perhaps even 2025.

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