We all need to prepare ourselves for the next episode of Succession 4 months ago

We all need to prepare ourselves for the next episode of Succession

Episode 8 has already come with a bit of a warning...

If you haven't been watching Succession, beware, for here there be spoilers up to and including Season 4 Episode 7.


What would you say is the most shocking moment of Succession so far? There are plenty of huge options to choose from: everything to do with Boar On The Floor; Tom betraying Shiv to side with Logan; Logan making Kendall visit the family of the dead waiter; that time Tom ate Logan's chicken; the out-of-nowhere death of Logan Roy...

It would be almost impossible to pick just one, but according to the show's creator, there is much worse to come. HBO have revealed the teaser trailer for Episode 8, which looks like it will be taking place almost entirely within the confines of ATN headquarters on Election Day:

Yes, it all looks incredibly tense and twisty and emotional, and also funny - thanks Roman for the "False flag", we'll be saying that forever now to anything we even slightly disagree with. But waaaaaay back, ahead of the premiere of Season 4, The Hollywood Reporter asked the show's creator Jesse Armstrong if there would be a singular episode that fans would be particularly shocked by.


Aside from the finale, Armstrong replied "What will they be shocked by? Maybe Episode 8. Hopefully all of them." And remember that this answer came ahead of the death of Logan Roy in Episode 3, so whatever is coming must be even more shocking than that!

What could it be? Will Connor do the impossible and become President? Will Shiv finally reveal her pregnancy status to the family? Or will Greg - finally realising that his former mentor has been cut loose by the entire Roy family - do a power flip and break bad on Tom?

Succession Season 4 Episode 8 - titled "America Decides", which will also be the third last episode of the show ever - will be available to watch in Ireland and the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW Entertainment from 2am on Monday, 15 May.

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