Succession antagonist reveals his true plans for Shiv 4 months ago

Succession antagonist reveals his true plans for Shiv

She might have backed the wrong horse.

This week in Succession sees GoJo man Lukas Matsson spoil the party as he arrives at Shiv and Tom's election night get-together, causing chaos with the guests and facing off against Kendall in one of the friendliest arguments you'll ever see.


Shiv's relationship with the Swede, however, gets very intriguing this week as, despite her constant communication with Matsson, she let's him know that it's a one-sided affair from her view of things.

A promise of a major position in the new GoJo-Waystar acquisition goes begging as Matsson seems reluctant to reward her for her loyalty, despite her screwing over her brothers in the process.


Alexander Skarsgård reveals Matsson's true intentions for Shiv

"He’s one hundred percent using her," Alexander Skarsgård said of his character in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"It’s a wedge in between the siblings. He sees an opening. He’s a predator. He sees that he needs to get at least one of them on board. Roman is out, but he smells blood in the water, this friction between the siblings. He smells the opening.

"He does move fast and break things, but he can read people. He sees that in Shiv, and he goes after that. It’s worked. She’s let him in. Where we’re at now, he’s still feeling the waters and testing her out. Is she also a charlatan? Is she just like her siblings, a little Nepo Baby, or does she have what it takes? That’s what he’s trying to figure out."


As Matsson's inflating of his numbers in India comes to light, the co-CEOs have the perfect opportunity to destroy any potential takeover deal, with Kendall hatching a plan to "reverse-Viking" the operation and acquire GoJo instead.

But where does Shiv's close relationship with the Swede go from here? With her brothers cut off from her clandestine conversations with Matsson, she's now stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

As for Matsson, we're sure he'll manage the chaos, he's just riding the wave right now to see where it goes.

"There’s a fearlessness that’s benefited him in his career. He’s ruthless. There’s something about the chaos he creates that excites him. That’s why this whole deal with Waystar excites him. It’s thrilling. It’s not about the money for him anymore. He’s beyond wealthy. It’s the excitement of big shit happening."


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