Succession stars weigh in on the explosive ending to this week's episode 4 months ago

Succession stars weigh in on the explosive ending to this week's episode

All bark, no bitey.

This week's episode of Succession sees the newly-reconciled Tom and Shiv host an election night party in their apartment. While the shindig descends into chaos when Lukas Matsson arrives last minute, it's the couple's storyline which has made the biggest mark on viewers this week.


The end of the ep sees Tom and Shiv go head to head in a brutal exchange of words which cements the doom surrounding their almost-saved relationship.

Tom goes into full meltdown, screaming at his wife about her not being fit to be a mother and Shiv twists the knife equally as hard as she calls Tom pathetic.


Matthew MacFadyen and Sarah Snook discuss Shiv and Tom's balcony showdown.

Speaking in an Inside the Episode video, Sarah Snook and Matthew MacFadyen weigh in on the hard-to-watch balcony scene.

"It's just another point in their relationship that's just brilliant to chart," says MacFadyen.

"They hadn't ever really screamed and shouted at each other in that way the lid has always gone on quite quickly in their arguments.


"It's a brilliant scene because they both feel they've been struggling with all kinds of things and he's really wounded again by her belittling him in front of all these incredibly powerful people.

"It sort of becomes farcical halfway through the episode, it's just a wonderful episode."

Sarah Snook shared her thoughts on her character's headspace during the fight and what it was like to film it.

"A lot of that is driven from her discomfort of where her relationship with Tom is. It certainly get's explosive in this scene.


"It's very fun to just yell at somebody and go at that pace with someone that you trust and doing that with Matthew, who's such a darling to yell at."

While Tom is going to be "shitcanned" at his ATN job if the GoJo deal goes through (there's a big if there), he's also just shitcanned any hopes of repairing his relationship with Shiv now that everything is out in the open.

There's also the small question of Shiv's baby (!!), which she still hasn't bothered to mention to Tom. We're very much looking forward to how that information is passed on now.

You can watch the full Inside the Episode video below.


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