Head of HBO gives Succession sequel update 4 months ago

Head of HBO gives Succession sequel update

They also gave a depressing update about season two of The Last Of Us.

On the day of Succession's final ever episode (no spoilers here, we promise!), anyone hoping for a secret fifth season or any kind of sequel or spin-off probably shouldn't hold their breath. In an interview with Deadline, HBO's head of drama Francesca Orsi said the following:


"No, not at this point now. I know there was some talk about spinoffs, but no, not at all. I’ll never say never but my instinct and based on a number of conversations about the evolution of Succession and these characters, at this stage, there is no intention of spinning any one character off.

"Jesse [Armstrong, creator of Succession], should he do a series again, I think it will be entirely original. Whether it’s based on IP or not, I’m not sure, but it will be a new show, a new idea entirely."

Additionally, Orsi gave some updates on release windows for some of HBO's biggest returning shows, which includes House Of The Dragon Season 2 (Summer 2024), The White Lotus Season 3 (Late 2024), Euphoria Season 3 (2025), and The Last Of Us Season 2 (2025).

"While everything at this moment is pencils down, I’m hopeful that we can come to terms sooner than later. Otherwise we will have to assess what is the end of the '24 schedule, what are the shows that are going to be delivered for 2025.


"At this point, those shows that I’m looking to air wouldn’t necessarily be ready if this strike last six to nine months. So yes, that’s a big question for us, but I think we’ll cross that road once we come to it."

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