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13th May 2017

It sure does look like Stephen “Green Arrow” Amell had a great time in Dublin last night

Rory Cashin

We’re still unsure if he made it to Coppers or not…

Yesterday we reported that Stephen Amell, the titular star of the hit comic book TV adaptation of the Green Arrow, had asked a hypothetical question about where one might get a decent pint of Guinness in Dublin.

Turns out it wasn’t hypothetical at all, as Amell did indeed show up to the Bohs V Rovers match last night, and had a prediction on how the game might turn out:

He was, unfortunately for him, wrong (Rovers won 2-0) but he at least it looked like he got his pint afterwards.

Plus he got this fairly amazing story when a fan recognised him on the street and dragged him along to his cousin’s date, because she was a massive fan:

Now we wonder if he can convince his mates Melissa “Supergirl” Benoist and Grant “The Flash” Gustin to head over for a massive night out on the town, too.

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