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07th Dec 2023

Disney+ has just added one of this year’s funniest films

Stephen Porzio

theater camp

It has an 85% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Theater Camp, one of 2023’s funniest films, has just been added to Disney+’s Irish and UK library.

The mockumentary comedy focuses around Amos (Ben Platt, The Politician) and Rebecca-Diane (Molly Gordon, Shiva Baby), lifelong best friends and drama instructors at AdirondACTS, a theatre-focused summer camp in Upstate New York that faces a crisis when its beloved director, Joan (Amy Sedaris, Elf), falls into a coma.

Making matters worse, Joan’s tech-bro son Troy (Jimmy Tatro, American Vandal) – who knows absolutely nothing about theatre – inherits control of the camp and begins running it into the ground.

Can Amos, Rebecca-Diane, Troy and the camp’s other staff and students put aside their differences to not only stage a masterpiece but also keep AdirondACTS afloat?

theater campTheater Camp has just been added to Disney+

Also featuring amongst its cast recognisable comedy faces like Ayo Edebiri (The Bear), David Rasche (Succession), Nathan Lee Graham (Zoolander), Noah Galvin (Booksmart) and Patti Harrison (I Think You Should Leave), Theater Camp earned rave reviews for its richly observed characters, its loving portrait of theatre fandom and its deadpan humour.

Currently holding an 85% Rotten Tomatoes score, here is a sample of some of the positive reviews the movie has received:

Chicago Sun-Times: “Even those who never did theater camp can enjoy Theater Camp.”

Daily Telegraph (UK): “Like [Christopher] Guest films, Theater Camp’s comedy springs entirely from personality: the jokes aren’t really quotable because they depend on you knowing who’s making them to work.”

Empire Magazine: “Theater Camp is a feel-good delight, and a sign of impressive directorial talent from Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman.”

IndieWire: “The screenwriters… find ways to turn potential cliches into something fresh and funny. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, jeez, you might even sing.”

Vanity Fair: “The jokes are good. Sure, many require a knowledge of musical theater, but even newbies will find something to love. And that’s curtain.”

Though Theater Camp was not a big box-office hit, it is sure to find a much larger audience via streaming.

You can watch the comedy movie on Disney+ in Ireland and the UK right now. Check out its trailer below:

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