There's going to be an Always Sunny quiz in Galway and they need the biggest jabronis going 3 years ago

There's going to be an Always Sunny quiz in Galway and they need the biggest jabronis going

It's on Paddy's weekend too. Time to gather your gang.

Ok, we're going to ask you a hypothetical question. If you did happen to lose an Always Sunny pub quiz because of some donkey-brained member of your team, how would you react?


Would you go into a fit of untethered rage like Dennis and unleash your fury like the crashing of a thousand waves? After all, you're probably a five-star man that never loses...because of the implication.

Perhaps you would channel your inner Mac and instantly perform an ocular pat down on the other teams to see who might be cheating? This will inevitably be followed up by some sweet karate moves.

However, if you're like Frank, you would instantly resort to violence because after all, that man always has a gun on him!

If Sweet Dee is your go-to gal, you'll probably call the organisers of the quiz a bunch of dickbags before telling them all to go and suck a boner.


As for Charlie, well, after the amount of glue and cat food that he has consumed, he has no right to ever be at a quiz.

Thankfully, if you're living out west and love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the Palás in Galway is definitely the place for you and your gang to be this Paddy's weekend.

That's because they're having an Always Sunny quiz and there's going to be fight milk cocktails, some rum ham, and a few questions on the world's best comedy show.

Aside from this, there's also going to be plenty of prizes up for grabs and as the official post states "you won't have to resort to cannibalism, kidnapping, huffing paint, grave-robbing or setting anyone on fire to win".


The event will take place in the Merrow Bar at the Pálás on 16 March and you can book your team of four for €20 here.

If you prefer to leave it late, there's going to be a charge of €5 per person on the night - if there are spaces left.

We're predicting that this quiz is going to be more intense than a game of Chardee MacDennis.

Bring it on!