Tommy Tiernan hints that a Derry Girls film is on the way 1 year ago

Tommy Tiernan hints that a Derry Girls film is on the way

Season 2 will air in March. Amazing news!

Unlike the poor nun that our favourite Derry girls were "pissing on and making sandwiches," the entire world will have their eyes open and watching Season 2 of Derry Girls because Lisa McGee's hit show has now become a bonafide comedy cult-classic.

Aside from winning numerous awards and accolades, McGee's creation is about to go into the stratosphere because it's set to be added to the US version of Netflix and as the likes of The Young Offenders cast can attest to when that film was released on the online streaming giant, the show's exposure and reach is going to be incredible.

The world is about to meet Michelle, Erin, Clare, Orla, and James, but with news that Derry Girls has been approved for even more seasons, Foyleside's funniest troublemakers are here to stay.

If you need another indication of Derry Girls' massive success, Tommy Tiernan (Da Gerry) has suggested that a Derry Girls film is also in the works.

In an interview with Ian Dempsey on Today FM, the comedian confirmed that Season 2 of the show will air in March.

"We finished filming the second series last Friday. That will go out in March and we're doing Season 3 and film, maybe. That's all up to Lisa (McGee) the writer, going off to a shed in London and coming up with all these stories. She's a genius, the amount of stories she's able to fit into each episode. It's fantastic," said Tiernan.

At present, Channel 4 haven't confirmed the premiere date of the superb comedy, but this is a pretty clear indication of when we can expect to see the return of Derry Girls.

As for the film, Channel 4 also have a pretty decent track record when it comes to adapting some of their best shows into films, The Inbetweeners films being the perfect example.

A Derry Girls film? There's no need to 'wise up' because that sounds like music to our ears.