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Warning: The trailer contains graphic footage that some viewers may find disturbing.

Let's all hold each other and take a sneak peak at the brand new teaser trailer for Tin Star.

The new show follows Jim Worth (Tim Roth), a policeman who moves with his family to the serene Canadian Rockies mountains in an attempt to find a peaceful life. Unfortunately, the serenity that he and his family experience is short-lived.

The opening of a new oil refinery leads to the introduction of a world of drug-dealers, prostitution and organised crime, and as this coincides with the brutal murder of one of Worth's loved ones, he finds himself right in the thick of it.

Tin Star also stars Mad Men's Christina Hendricks alongside Roth, it's written by Rowan Joffe and an air date is yet to be announced.

Whenever it is though, we can't wait.

Have a look at the teaser for yourself here, but don't say we didn't warn you, because it looks dark. Really dark. Sure, this may be about a policeman in Canada,  but Due South this ain't...

Clip via Sky Atlantic


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