Director of My Left Foot talks about which part of U2's history he'd focus on making a movie about 4 years ago

Director of My Left Foot talks about which part of U2's history he'd focus on making a movie about

Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Film me?

Love them or hate them, they know how to put together a banger, including this stunning, rarely performed track that they played in Dublin this week.


U2 have had a... how do we put this... checkered history with cinema.

On the one hand, they co-wrote 'GoldenEye', one of the greatest Bond songs of all time.

On the flip side, Bono wrote the story of Million Dollar Hotel, a Mel Gibson-starring mystery thriller that you've never heard of, because it was terrible.

And then somewhere right in the middle, there is U2-3D, one of the first big releases of the 3D format when that suddenly became the only way to make movies, back in 2007. Looking back, the 3D fad was doomed to failure, but there is no denying that their concert version of the medium was actually pretty cool.


All that being said, in light of biopics about Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody, or the upcoming Elton John movie Rocket Man, it is clear that there is a huge hunger for movies about famous musicians, and we'd imagine the big screen take on U2 would find a massive audience.

Oscar-nominated director Jim Sheridan was recently on Irish movie show Box Office talking about his career (including coaxing Daniel Day-Lewis out of retirement), when the topic turned to the famous Irish rockers.

The show's host Lisa Cannon asked is it too soon for a biopic, do we need to wait a bit longer, to which Sheridan replied:

"God, wait how long? I think it is a difficult story because I know them so well. It would probably be difficult for me to tell it. I've always thought that the Lipton Village was a good story, with Bono and Guggi and Gavin, in the early days around the Dandelion Market and the Project Arts Centre.


"That's a fascinating period. It would be really good to do. It would be very interesting."

For anyone unsure, that was the experimental band that Bono was a part of before the formation of U2, which he created with Gavin Friday and Derek Rowen.

So if Jim Sheridan finds that part interesting, then we trust him!