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24th Sep 2014

Video: Belfast-set thriller ’71 has a new clip and it looks really good

We really want to see this one...

Paul Moore

We really want to see this one…

There are certain times when you see a performance from a young actor and you just instantly know that they’re going to be a star.

Anyone who saw ‘Starred Up’ will know that Jack O’Connell was a talent to watch closely, so we’re particularly excited to see what he has in store for us in ’71.

The film sees O’Connell star as a paratrooper left stranded in Belfast at the start of the Troubles, the rookie is unable to tell friend from foe, and must survive the night on his own.

Can he manage to find his way to safety through an unknown and dangerous environment?

The original trailer was fantastic and this new clip reminds us of of Fifty Dead Men Walking and also some of Paul Greengrass’ thrillers.

Released in October, this looks like one of the must-see films in the Autumn.

Count us in.


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