Video: Here's what The Simpson family sounds like around the world 8 years ago

Video: Here's what The Simpson family sounds like around the world

From Germany to Japan, the first family of Springfield have traveled far and wide


One thing we know about The Simpsons is that it's pretty much universally loved in every corner of the globe, but it's pretty hard to imagine Homer, Lisa, Bart and Marge sounding like anything other than the famous voices that we know over here.

That's not the case for those who speak other languages in different countries around the world, and the lads at BuzzFeed have put together this great video that showcases the different voice talents from around the world of the cast of the Simpsons.

They also have a great list of facts about the show and its multilingual incarnations, including the pretty great one that when there's a special guest star, they get the person who dubs over their voice from the movies or another TV show in. For example, in Spain when Sideshow Bob is in an episode of the show, the person dubbing his voice is the guy who dubs Frasier's voice in Spanish. You can get a whole heap more facts over here on BuzzFeed

Of course, it speaks to the brilliance of the show itself that not only can it be translated in to so many different languages, but that the humour has proven to be cross-cultural, which is no easy task. We've also finally learned the German for d'oh!


Hat-tip to BuzzFeed for the video