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20th Mar 2014

Video: Is this the most amazing puzzle solve in Wheel Of Fortune history?

What the what!?

Eoghan Doherty

What the what!?

What? What? How did he… what? But none of his letters showed up. Did he just… what?

According to a completely bonkers story on Deadspin, Wheel Of Fortune contestant Emil was taking part in the notoriously difficult final puzzle round on the popular US game show, when he remarkably pulled the obscure winning solution out of nowhere to take home a whopping bonus prize of $45, 000.

We’ll not spoil the surprise of how the phenomenally fortunate fecker wins the round but, needless to say, you know you’re onto something special when even Pat Sajak, the show’s long-serving host, was suitably impressed:

That superb sound of silence you hear before the delayed winning buzzer rings? That’s the producers backstage being completely dumbfounded and thinking “Oh. F*ck. He’s just won all of our money.”

Amazing stuff…

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