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10th Mar 2015

Video: Stop everything! Zoolander and Hansel made a surprise appearance at Paris Fashion Week

Really, ridiculously good news

Eric Lalor

Really, ridiculously good news.

Paris Fashion Week is currently in full swing, but it has been boosted hugely by the appearance of two of fashion’s biggest stars, Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

He’s so hot right now.

The two lads appeared on the runway as part of the Valentino exhibition and it was all caught on camera:


The Zoolander 2 movie is being shot in Italy right now and the two stars, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, took time out to travel to France to flaunt their alter-egos in Paris and steal all the limelight.

The guys also announced that the film will be released on February 2016 and we’re already in line to see this one.

See we’re ambiturners also.