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17th Jun 2014

Video: The latest trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy looks absolutely brilliant

You'll have to queue up behind JOE for this one...

Paul Moore

You’ll have to queue up behind JOE for this one…

Despite the glorious weather, JOE knows that an Irish summer is usually more about finding good ways to avoid the rain rather than enjoying the sun.

That’s why we can’t wait to see Marvel’s latest offering, Guardians of the Galaxy.

This already looked like it could be one of the summer’s best films and the new trailer has made us even more excited. What’s not to love about it? They have a raccoon with a gun, John C. Reilly and an ass-kicking tree that is voiced by Vin Diesel.

We’re already there!

Guardians of the Galaxy is released on July 31st.

Youtube clip via – Marvel UK

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