WATCH: A audience member insulted Michael Healy-Rae on Claire Byrne, his response was perfect 3 years ago

WATCH: A audience member insulted Michael Healy-Rae on Claire Byrne, his response was perfect

Brilliant from the Kerry TD...

Last night, Claire Byrne Live discussed a number of issues from the current controversy surrounding the government's handling of whistleblower Maurice McCabe to the issue of organ donation in Ireland including a chat with recent donor, Jarlath Regan.


A hotly conversed topic was also Minster for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross, and his plan to introduce a zero tolerance approach to those caught driving under the influence.

The debate was chaired by Byrne and she brought on Dr. Ciara Kelly and Michael Healy-Rae TD to discuss the topic as well as having input in the audience.

Kelly was in favour of the proposals of Minister Ross, but Healy-Rae felt differently and argued about the isolation in some rural areas and the social aspect of going to the pub.

Healy-Rae famously voiced his support for a special drinking permit last year that would allow certain drivers be allowed to get behind the wheel of a car even if they were over the legal limit.

But one moment during the debate stood out to us, and that was Healy-Rae's response to being insulted from a member of the audience.

David from the audience said about Healy-Rae: "I salute Minister Ross. He's the first politician with balls to get up and say, 'You don't drink, and you don't drive', instead of this gombean politics we're listening to here this evening."

But, the Kerry TD didn't respond with harsh words of his own, but said:


"Well, look, I'm used to and my family are used to being insulted. I've no problem in the world... if you went to school, and if the best you can do is come up here tonight and call me names like that, that's up to you.

"I certainly wouldn't say anything like that to you, because I treat people with respect. I was brought up that way; to respect people.

"If I was on a live programme, and I was in the audience. I wouldn't say something like what you just said to me. I wouldn't do that to somebody live on air. But that's up to you, and that's your opinion."

You can watch the clip below...