Zoe Saldaña says she is retiring as Gamora and wants another actor to play the role 4 months ago

Zoe Saldaña says she is retiring as Gamora and wants another actor to play the role

By Steve Hopkins

"The one thing I would not want is for Gamora to go away."


Zoe Saldaña wants a new actor to play Gamora after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The actress has said that the Marvel blockbuster – released in Irish cinemas on Wednesday, 3 May – is likely to be her final time as the green alien assassin.

She first appeared as the character in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy and reprised the part in four more films, including the upcoming sequel.

Saldaña, who also recently starred in box office smash-hit Avatar: The Way of Water, told movie magazine Total Film:


“I think the time has come for me to step down, and for the next generation to come forward.

“The one thing I would not want is for Gamora to go away. She’s been such an impactful character for fans, and especially female fans, and young female fans. I would love for Marvel to figure out a way to find that next generation of actors that can incarnate these characters, and give them this immortality that fans generationally keep coming back to.”

Despite wanting to retire from the role, the actress said she is thankful for the part, adding: "I mean, I signed up for one, and I got 10 years. Lucky me, man. I have no complaints.

"I’m moving on with so much grace and gratitude in my heart."


This isn’t the first time Saldaña has spoken about walking away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In an interview with Variety a few months ago to promote her acclaimed Netflix drama series From Scratch, the 44-year-old said the following about playing Gamora:

"I can never say no to anything, but that green makeup? I wouldn't be upset if it didn't happen again.

"I miss Gamora, but I don't miss 3:30 a.m. calls and five-hour makeup sessions and trips to the dermatologist afterwards."

Meanwhile, reviews have already hit the web for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, with JOE entertainment editor Rory Cashin calling it "a suitably fun-but-messy trilogy closer".

His review states:


"Knowing this is his last ride with this particular gang of Guardians, Gunn has left absolutely nothing on the table, with so many new characters and locations and deep dives into previously-unknown personal relationships. Absolutely swelling at the seems of its 150-minute runtime, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 calls to mind a mixtape with some absolute bangers on its setlist, while also not entirely without its filler tracks, either."

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