Kieran Culkin finally reveals what happened to Roman's wife and kid from Succession pilot 4 months ago

Kieran Culkin finally reveals what happened to Roman's wife and kid from Succession pilot

Fans had been wondering.

Ahead of Succession's fourth and final season, many fans of the show went back and watched the series from the start. And those who did may have spotted something quite interesting in its pilot.


That is the sight of Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) wearing a wedding ring and in the company of a woman who appears to be his wife, as well as a child. This is noteworthy as the characters do not appear in the series after the first episode, with Roman going on to form quite complex and intimate relationships with Gerri (J. Smith Cameron) and Tabitha (Caitlin Fitzgerald).

However, in a Variety interview to discuss Succession's latest episode 'Kill List' - in which Roman has a tense head-to-head scene with CEO tech bro Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) - Culkin was asked about his character's pilot wife and kid.

In response, he said:

"Not his kid. Not his wife, either. It was in the pilot and after it was picked up, it was his girlfriend and she had a child. I’m wearing my real wedding band in the episode.

"I was excited about the idea of having a kid... It was a little disappointing, but I think the idea was that it would just give them more freedom to play with the character."


According to Culkin, prior to Succession's pilot being shot, the show's creators knew they wanted to "question what Roman's sexuality is" but did not know in what way yet.

"But it put something in my brain, and I was like: 'OK, but I’m married and have kids?'" the actor added.

"They were toying with the idea that she’s aware that you have sort of hangups sexually when it comes to monogamy and might be more fluid, but we don’t know what that is yet."

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