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What a legend...

Coldplay performed to a sold out Croke Park on Saturday night and we've heard from basically everyone we know that attended, that it was an unbelievable gig.

Although it's been a couple of days since the gig, lead singer Chris Martin has been hanging around the city as various social media posts show.

He called into the International Comedy Club last night where he ran into Jamie Harrington, who works in the bar.

Jamie told him about how he'd paid €200 for a ticket to their gig in Croke Park, having bought one from a ticket tout.

But when Chris Martin heard this, he handed Jamie €50 because of how much the tout had charged him.


In an interview on Graham and Nathan on Fully Charged on Spin South West this morning, Jamie revealed that he approached Martin and said he'd come to see Coldplay on Saturday, and Martin responded by thanking him for paying his hard earned cash to come see them perform.

Jamie laughed and told him he'd spent €200 on a ticket. The Coldplay front man was in shocked by this and said he'd have to reimburse Jamie for his ticket and handed him €50.

What a legend.

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