Drake releases album filled with previously unreleased fan-favourites 3 years ago

Drake releases album filled with previously unreleased fan-favourites

The songs had previously not been available on any streaming service.

Drake's work-rate is second to none when it comes to releasing music.


He basically has the game rigged so that he can never be out of the charts, and one of the ways he does this is by constantly releasing singles.

These singles often don't coincide with the release of a major album, and thus can get lost in the massive wave that is the Canadian superstar's body of work.

Most of the songs don't even make it to a streaming service, which is why fans will be chuffed to see the release of Care Package, an album consisting of a number of Drake songs that were previously not officially released.

The compilation features guest appareances from J. Cole, Rick Ross, and James Fauntleroy, in a number of songs that you may have heard before.


'Girls Love Beyonce', 'The Motion' and '4pm in Calabasas' are among the tracks featured on Care Package that the more hardcore fans will surely be familiar with.

Drake released the album on Friday morning, tweeting it alongside the caption: “Some of our most important moments together available in one place”.


We reckon that a whole lot of them will end up making the charts, despite being years old.

Like we said, he has the game rigged...