10 must-see Irish acts at Electric Picnic 5 years ago

10 must-see Irish acts at Electric Picnic

Don't miss this collection of excellent homegrown talent at EP.

Electric Picnic 2018 goes down this weekend in Stradbally and with the festival having grown into a huge beast over the years, you might be wondering who's truly worthy of your time.


On the home front, Irish acts are holding their own with the usual big international names, so if you're looking to cheer on some local heroes here are 10 of the best available...

Bad Bones

Friday | Body & Soul | 10.15pm

Mysterious electronic artist Bad Bones has the unenviable task of clashing with Friday night headliner Kendrick Lamar, but she's more than equal to it.


DIY punk roots led Sal Stapleton to craft a laser-focused vision and her mix of audio and visual is a genuinely stunning sight that lives long in the memory.

Body & Soul under cover of darkness is the perfect place for it, too.



Bitch Falcon

Friday | Body & Soul | 1.15am

Speaking of the intimate B&S area, look for Dublin grunge revivalists Bitch Falcon to do their utmost to shake the surrounding trees as Friday rolls into Saturday.

Sharp, angry and very, very loud; BF are a thrilling throwback to aggressive rock heroics of eras past and in Lizzie Fitzpatrick they boast one of the most arresting vocalists out there at the moment.


If you miss them at B&S, you'll get another chance at the Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow on Sunday just after 8pm.

Dermot Kennedy

Saturday | Rankin's Wood | 5.15pm

The man of the moment.

The rise of Dermot Kennedy continues apace, with sellout dates and worldwide acclaim quickly becoming part of the norm for the Dubliner.


His wounded, brooding troubadour act might sound seen-it-all-before on paper, but once he gets about two minutes into a song you'll know you're hearing something special.

Clip via Dermot Kennedy


Saturday | Other Voices | 10.30pm

As ever, Other Voices will be in high demand at EP, and if you're heading that way you're in for various treats.

One such gem is rising star Jafaris, who has been creating quite a lot of hype lately. Go see why.

Clip via jafarismusic


Saturday | Rankin's Wood | 1.30pm

You'll probably feel a touch bedraggled at the start of day two and so the only thing for it is to check out Laoise getting the Rankin's Wood stage underway.

A performer who carries herself with the poise of a veteran pop star, the Galway native boasts an alluring brand of electro-pop that'll help shift the early afternoon cobwebs.

The Murder Capital

Saturday | Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow | 3.50pm

The next big thing, perhaps.

Fans of Girl Band would do well to give The Murder Capital a look given their penchant for loud and unsettling heroics.

As with Girl Band, comparisons to The Fall and the late Mark E. Smith have followed along for the Dublin up-and-comers, and they certainly leave a lasting impression.

They also hit up Other Voices on Friday at 5.10pm.


Saturday | Other Voices | 4.40pm

The Choice Music Prize-winning SOAK has been quiet as of late, but the Derry singer-songwriter has a sound all of her own that will leave you spellbound.

Bridie Monds-Watson is likely tired of hearing the whole 'wise beyond her years' tag at this stage of a still-early career, but there is something to her storytelling power that feels quite timeless.


Sunday | Body & Soul | 10.45pm

Balbriggan's own Soulé is enjoying serious momentum at the moment, having proven a big hit on Spotify as she takes her rightful place among a burgeoning new wave of Irish music.

Live, she is an artist growing in confidence and one who understands the bond between performer and audience.

Super Extra Bonus Party

Friday | Body & Soul | 11.45pm

2018 marked the resurrection of one of Ireland's more inventive outfits as Super Extra Bonus Party finally returned as a proper going concern once again.

Their sound is best described as hurling everything possible at the wall, seeing what sticks, setting that on fire and then carefully placing the crispy remains one by one into a vintage synthesiser.

It's decent, like.

We Cut Corners

Saturday | Heineken Stage | 6pm

Simply put; two of the best songwriters operating in all of Ireland.

Conall Ó'Breacháin and John Duignan AKA We Cut Corners pack an awful lot into the standard 'two men with guitars and drums' set-up.

The pair specialise in anthems of wistful heartbreak and poetic triumph, and they do it like few others around right now.

Clip via delphilabel