Dr. Dre shares unbelievable video of Eminem's skills to prove no rapper could beat him 5 months ago

Dr. Dre shares unbelievable video of Eminem's skills to prove no rapper could beat him

By Steve Hopkins.

Still one of the greatest of all time.


Dr Dre has posted an Insta video reminding us why Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time.

The US rapper – real name Marshall Mathers – may have vacated the top spot at the supremacy of rap some time ago, returning middling receptions at best for his last few albums. Yet, it’s still worth reminding people of the unparalleled technical ability that sent him to the top in the first place.

Posting a video to his social media, Dr. Dre – the very same legend that spotted Mathers’ unique tone and talent all the way back in 1997 – did exactly that – letting Shady spit his “Godzilla” lyrics like only he can.

You can watch the video here.



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From one GOAT to another, it’s pretty hard to dispute the sheer skill it takes to rap on flows this fast and with such lyrical dexterity. Whatever you’ve made of his public image, style and subject matter over recent years, sometimes you’ve just got to hold up your hands.

Dre added yet more fuel to the fire as hip-hop fans continue to speculate as to whether Eminem could return to battle-rapping on the Verzuz stage.


The rap-battle series created by Swizz Beats and Timbaland back in March 2020 was conducted entirely over Instagram live at the height of the pandemic and now people are clamouring for the fan-favourite battle format to take off even further.

Responding to what many have taken as a public call-out, Swizz himself has reportedly tipped fellow fast-flow icon Busta Rhymes to take on the challenge.

The likes of BustaJay-Z and even Kanye have all been tipped to follow in the footsteps of Snoop DoggRick Ross, the late DMX – to name just a few – and battle it out.

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