LISTEN: Eminem responds to Machine Gun Kelly with a ruthless diss-track 3 years ago

LISTEN: Eminem responds to Machine Gun Kelly with a ruthless diss-track


Eminem shocked the world three weeks ago when he dropped a surprise album in the early hours of Friday morning.


Kamikaze has been fairly well received by fans around the world, but it didn't come without its controversies.

Em' went back to his roots by calling out basically everyone in the rap game on the album.

One of the recipients of Em's disses on the album is Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

He was called out for a tweet he made about Eminem's daughter Hayley a number of years ago, where he referenced her physical appearance.


MGK responded to the album with a diss track of his own, entitled 'Rap Devil'.


One week later, Eminem came back at MGK, and did so in devastating fashion.


Have a listen for yourself:

Clip via EminemMusic

What do you think? The general consensus seems to be that Eminem has comfortably won this beef, which should come as no surprise when you take his CV into account.


Perhaps the cruelest line from 'Killshot' comes when Em' hands MGK some hard truths.

"Younger me? No, you're the whack me. It's funny but so true, I'd rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you."


In typical fashion, he even throws in some jokes, asking: "How you gonna name yourself after a damn gun and have a man bun?"

MGK is yet to respond to the track.