JOE's Song Of The Day #847 - Fakenamé - 'Strangers To Love' 7 months ago

JOE's Song Of The Day #847 - Fakenamé - 'Strangers To Love'

A long time ago, in a Le Galaxie far, far away...

Dave McGloughlin made up one-fourth of the lively Dublin synth-based outfit.

In recent years, Le Galaxie expanded their family, welcoming long-time collaborator MayKay of Fight Like Apes on-board full-time.

Alas, with great joy eventually comes great sadness, because that's how life works, guys. And so the news broke a short time ago that McLoughlin had departed Le Galaxie in order to pursue a solo path under the guise of Fakenamé.

"Having done so much with Le Galaxie for 10 years - played all over the world, signing record deals, playing huge festival shows - leaving the band and starting a solo project was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever had to make," he tells JOE.

"But the fear of leaving was matched with the excitement of the unknown, and the challenge of starting over again from near absolute zero, but with a blank slate."

As such, the very first shot in rebirth comes in the form of 'Strangers To Love', a smooth house jam that McGloughlin began bouncing around his brain on the walk home after a night out.

"I loved the notion of trying to make something a bit dark, dirty and melancholic out of such a well known ridiculously iconic pop vocal," he enthuses.

As for the future, Fakenamé should surface in a live setting next year. For now, get a taste of things below, and download it for free from Bandcamp if you so desire...