PIC: Garda helicopter captures amazing aerial shot of Coldplay Dublin gig 5 years ago

PIC: Garda helicopter captures amazing aerial shot of Coldplay Dublin gig

Sometimes, some of the best pics of gigs aren't inside the arena at all.

Remember that time a pilot took a pic of the Bruce Springsteen gig from 38,000 feet?


Or this unique view at the immensity of Electric Picnic?

What we're trying to say is, that while some 80,000 people were able to take part in what was by all accounts a brilliant night, sometimes it really does pay off to be on the outside looking in.

This pic, courtesy of the Garda Air Support Unit, which they artfully titled 'A Sky Full Of Stars', shows an eagle-eyed view of the Croke Park gig and the surrounding area, and... actually, we take it back, we really wanted to be there, okay?! It looked awesome and now we're just blind with jealousy.

We understand that everyone on the way were given something called 'xylobands', which were radio frequency controlled wristbands that changed colour throughout the night, to visually match different parts of the show.


With what was by all accounts an incredible sunset, they must have made it just about the most Instagrammed concert in Ireland... maybe ever?

And here you can see where the Garda helicopter caught the crowd in one of their blue-r moments...

Garda Coldplay

Meanwhile, the Coldplay gig was quite an eventful night, with a fan in a wheelchair crowd-surfed right up to the stage to perform with the band, the guitarist being struck by a bottle thrown by someone in the audience, and Chris Martin congratulating Ireland on having a "gay, immigrant Prime Minister".