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12th Jul 2014

JOE looks at ten brilliant albums that may have gone under the radar in 2014

Paul Moore

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A few days ago, our rather brilliant music guru @Imjoeharrington told you about ten of the best Irish songs from 2014 along with some of the best tracks that are released right now. Being that we are over half way through the year, JOE has decided to take a look at ten of the best albums that may have gone under the radar.

We Have Band – Movements
In a nutshell: A brilliant bit of everything

The three-piece electro group are probably better known for their remixes of artists like Bloc Party , Gorrilaz and M83 but their new record is toe-tappingly brilliant. Movements is brimming with ideas, sounds and dancing beats which echo some of the best albums that have emerged from the DFA label. It will get you moving.

Fear of Men – Loom
In a nutshell: Easy listening but catchy as hell.

Wistful indie pop has never sounded so good than on the debut album of this British trio. Their songs are effortlessly enjoyable, smart and immersive. Jessica Weiss’ voice is so intoxicating that you won’t want the album to end.

Nick Mulvey – First Mind
In a Nutshell: Great acoustic chilled music.

It’s very hard not to see the similarities with another famous English folk singer named Nick on this album. You can play First Mind on repeat and still discover new little subtleties each time. The album is hypnotic and absorbing.

Hercules and Love Affair – The Feast of the Broken Heart
In a Nutshell: Retro dance with some cracking guest vocalists.

This year, if you are lamenting the lack of a breakout dance album like Disclosure – Settle , then this could be the album for you. Feast of the Broken Heart is the third album from the New York group and it has a retro acid-house feel that is very much like the work of the brothers Lawrence.

St Vincent – St Vincent
In a nutshell: An artist that could take over the world.

No stranger to these shores, having dazzled crowds with David Byrne at Electric Picnic last year and once again in February, this album is Annie Clark’s most confident and accomplished one to date. The mix of genres like classic rock, funk and electro  is further proof that St. Vincent continues to evolve and impress. She is back in Laois again this summer, don’t miss her.

Real Estate – Atlas
In a nutshell: The perfect album for your morning commute.

JOE saw these play live a few months ago and it almost felt like the whole crowd were being brought under some jaunty, upbeat, melodic spell. Their entire back catalogue just washed over the crowd , whether they were old fans or just curious concert goers, as the New Jersey band left everyone in a better mood. This record has the exact same effect.

The Antlers – Familiars
In a nutshell: Hipster greatness.

A superb record that sucks you in, grabs your attention and never lets go of it. An album that is happy in dealing with contradictions. It feels feels both grand and intimate, confident and angst ridden, wounded but optimistic. Fans of the National, Arcade Fire and Bon Iver should go ape for this.

Clip via – The Antlers

The Men – Tomorrows Hits
In a nutshell: Stripped down Rock n Roll.

This track alone is worth it. Don’t worry, they also have some other great songs also.

tUnE yArDs- Nikki Nack
In a nutshell: Absolutely mad but great also.

This album is a bombastic assault on your ear drums that will easily get you tapping your feet along with. There are so many instruments used on this album that it’s a joy to decipher what’s what. Energetic, upbeat and ridiculously fun.

Clip via – tUnE-yArDs

Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal
In a Nutshell: A straight shot of punk adrenalin.

JOE are big fans of the Brooklyn punk band and we are delighted to say that there is no case of ‘second album syndrome’ on their follow up to their brilliant debut, Light Up Gold. Having seen them twice, this album perfectly captures the short, sharp and kinetic energy of their live shows.

Clip via – Parquet Courts

Hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think.

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