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08th Apr 2017

LISTEN: Frank Ocean, Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator just dropped surprise collaboration track ‘Biking’

Rory Cashin

He’s done it again.

Ever since he’s been given his own radio show on Apple Radio, Frank Ocean has been in something of a giving and overly creative mood.

A few weeks ago he gave us his track ‘Chanel’, which promptly sent the internet into something of a collective meltdown.

And that wasn’t long after he appeared on Calvin Harris’ surprise single ‘Slide’, which is destined to be played on every sunny day for the rest of the year.

This week on his show, he gave his fans another gift, by playing his brand new track ‘Biking’, which features none other than Jay-Z and Ocean’s Odd Future alumni Tyler, The Creator.

Unlike the previous two tracks, ‘Biking’ hasn’t been posted immediately to Spotify or other outlets, so the only way to hear it is via his Beats 1 Show here, or by folk nice enough to upload it to YouTube, as below. (Although how long it will stay that way, we’re not sure.)

Clip via Hip-Hop Power

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