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06th Mar 2017

How much money Daniel O’Donnell made last year is absolutely ridiculous

Rudi Kinsella

Daniel O'Donnell visitor centre

He should expect a call from Floyd Mayweather any day now.

Daniel O’Donnell is a national treasure. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at him with these tasty peppered smoked mackerel fillets.

But when we say he is a national treasure, we place the emphasis on one word. Treasure. Which seems an accurate description for a man who is now said to be worth a whopping €31 million, according to Donegal Daily.

Appearring on The Sunday Times’ annual rich list (subscription required), the Kincasslagh man is now worth an estimated 31 million, with the money accumulated through years of album sales and sold out concerts.

O’Donnell was in good company on the list, being joined by Liam Neeson, Niall Horan and Graham Norton in the entertainment section. You can find more info on those men and their millions by clicking here.

Denis O’Brien topped the list with an obscene €4.7 billion in his bank accountant.

Maybe O’Donnell will catch him next year? We’re rooting for him.

Clip via MsJacky1968