The richest family, sportsman, entertainer and actor in Ireland have been revealed 3 years ago

The richest family, sportsman, entertainer and actor in Ireland have been revealed

These folks have deep, deep pockets.

The Sunday Times Rich List for 2017 is published today, giving an insight into the staggering amounts of money earned by Ireland’s wealthiest people and how they’ve gone about earning it.

Amongst the revelations in this year’s edition is that the Weston family have retained their title as the richest family in Ireland, with their trans-Atlantic retail empire keeping them well ahead of all-comers.

As was revealed yesterday, meanwhile, U2 top the pile when it comes to the richest entertainers in Ireland with a combined wealth of €645 million, while Liam Neeson was the highest-placed actor, with the Ballymena man worth approximately €113 million.

Rumour has it if you attempt to take any of his cash, he will find you etc.

300 of the richest individuals and families on the island of Ireland are profiled in a 32-page supplement in today’s Sunday Times; the minimum wealth needed to qualify for this year’s 300 richest people in Ireland is an eye-watering €40m and it reveals that there are more billionaires than ever before.

From a sporting point of view, it’s no surprise that golfer Rory McIlroy is well ahead of the chasing pack with a fortune of €96m, no surprise given that he earned around $17.5 million (approximately €16.475 million) on the course last year and approximately $32.5 million (approximately €30.6 million) off it.

Tech-wise, meanwhile, the Collison brothers, Patrick and John, rank fourth overall on this year’s Irish Rich List with a €2.4billion fortune. It’s worth remembering that John is still only 26 years old and Patrick is just two years older.

Feel old all of a sudden?

The Sunday Times Irish Rich List has been compiled by journalists Colm Murphy and Robert Watts using a wide range of accounts, annual reports, shareholder filings and other sources as well as usually private information shared by those who feature on the list.

Robert Watts, Compiler of The Sunday Times Rich List, says: “With a record number of billionaires, titans of technology and construction, and stars from film, television and the sports and music industries, the new Irish Rich List presents a fascinating snapshot of Ireland on the global stage.

“This weekend’s Rich List provides insight and analysis of wealth across all sectors and provides a definitive picture of wealth across the island of Ireland. It’s a must read for anyone interested in where wealth in the country lies.”

The complete Sunday Times Irish Rich List is available in today’s Sunday Times and online on the Sunday Times website (subscription required).