OFFICIAL: Bruce Springsteen doubles down on his plans to go on tour with the E Street Band very soon 3 years ago

OFFICIAL: Bruce Springsteen doubles down on his plans to go on tour with the E Street Band very soon

The Boss looks certain to go on the road.

While his latest album Western Stars is more of an intimate, reflective, and romantic view of mortality, love and loss, loneliness and family, there's no denying the appeal of The Boss when he's got his full rock 'n roll swagger.


After all, Springsteen was born to run and for the best part of five decades, The Boss has had the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, hard-rocking, booty-shaking, love-making, earth-quaking, Viagra-taking, justifying, death-defying, legendary E Street Band by his side.

Well, as stated previously, it appears that Springsteen will be returning to rock stadiums around the world because during a recent Q&A to promote his directorial debut, Western Stars, he reaffirmed his plans to go back on the road with The E Street Band.

"Yeah, we want the band to get back together. You know, I've got some songs that I've written for the band. I'd like to make a really good rock band record with The E Street Band and get back out on the road. So, we'll be seeing you!, said Springsteen at the 20:30 mark below.

Take a look.


Clip via TIFF Talks

Of course, this isn't the first time that The Boss has spoken about his desire to go back out into the Jungleland that we call the road in recent weeks.

During a recent Q&A in London - which JOE was present at - Edith Bowman conducted a similar panel discussion. The broadcaster asked the beloved musician about his directorial debut on Western Stars, what the future might hold, and specifically if he had any plans on touring.


"Yeah I did hear you say on telly last night that you are going to tour though, you’re going back out on the road?," asked Bowman."Yeah, yeah. I got to go back to the day job, you know, got to pay the bills, got to pay the bills," said Springsteen.

In terms of The Boss' last Irish date, Croke Park was the location for his most recent performance on Irish shores in May 2016 and we think that he's long overdue a visit.

In a previous interview with Italian newspaper la Repubblica, The Boss elaborated on his future plans for the E Street Band. “We will go on tour next year,” he said. “I’ll record with the E Street Band in autumn and, when we are done, we’ll go on tour. Of course I’ll come to Rome. I love it.”

During a recent chat with JOE, the co-director of Western Stars, Thom Zimny, told us why he thinks Springsteen seems to connect with Irish fans in a way that's unique to any other place.


"I worked on The Seeger Sessions that we filmed in Ireland," Zimny tells us, "and I've been to shows there, and it is an amazing experience to watch how that audience connects with Bruce.

"And also it takes on this energy of letting him go deep into the catalog, and try new things. It's wild, because we've been able to capture it a few times on film, and I've been able to capture it as a filmmaker in the audience, and I think he's got a really profound connection to the Irish culture.

"I just think of The Seeger Sessions, and we made a film there, and Live In Dublin, and it was extraordinary because the energy that came across from that crowd carried the night. It was caught [on camera]. It is a place that when everyone comes home from the tour, and describes it as one of the highlights. For the last twenty years, I've [been hearing] about the Dublin show."

Western Stars will screen in Irish cinemas for one night only, and for more info on how and where to get tickets to those screenings, click here.


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