Vinyl sales "highest since the 1980s" in Ireland according to Golden Discs 3 months ago

Vinyl sales "highest since the 1980s" in Ireland according to Golden Discs

Old-school records are still cool.

Vinyl is back and bigger than ever. Well, it's at least as big as it was in the '80s, so don't throw out that record player any time soon.

Golden Discs has been at the heart of Irish music for 55 years and continues to thrive despite the dominance of streaming platforms and digital downloads.

And so it's fitting that the long-running retail chain - who house a dedicated vinyl lounge in Cork - bring the news that vinyl has enjoyed a serious surge in sales this year, posting up numbers not seen in decades.

"We haven't seen this volume of sales since the '80s," says Golden Discs CEO Stephen Fitzgerald, noting that it's not just new releases but back catalogue, reissues, limited editions and box sets that are catching the attention of music lovers across the country.

As for the year's biggest movers; Ed Sheeran's Divide, Pink Floyd's iconic Dark Side of the Moon and George Michael's back cataogue lead the way, while Liam and Noel Gallagher are duking it out for the title of December's best seller.


Vinyl continues to enjoy a resurgence all over Ireland, with Blackwax Records in Dublin 8 the newest kid on the block.

Guilty pleasures galore. Check it out...