WATCH: This chancer talked his way on to Guns n' Roses' helicopter at Slane 6 years ago

WATCH: This chancer talked his way on to Guns n' Roses' helicopter at Slane

This is one way to see the gig.

But on the other hand, I couldn't hear a whole lot.


On the latest episode of The JOE Show, we welcomed the Coronas in for a chat ahead of the release of their new album and a special lunchtime gig at the JOE offices on Friday.

As is now the norm, hosts Paddy McKenna and Eoghan Doherty set me a challenge and told me to go and find out "What's the Story?". 

After last week, I knew it would be a tough to top driving through Ibiza in a fancy car and hitting a bodhrán with Mark Ronson.

In short, they told me to go live the high life in county Meath.


Luckily enough, Guns N’ Roses were coming to town (or Slane Castle to be more precise) and I banked myself a VIP ticket. I thought to myself, “I should take this to the next level.” So I made it my mission to get on to the band’s helicopter and fly over Slane Castle and its 83,000 attendees.

Of course I had to bring my trusty companion along, Joe Gorman. However, when he arrived he was a little bit disheartened , because the ticket I managed to get him was a general admission ticket and he specifically came along for the VIP experience. (He’s also more of a jazz fan.) So the side mission was to get Joe into the VIP area.

How might a mortal like myself find a way on to a helicopter that's sole purpose was the transportation of Guns N’ Roses to and from Slane?


Luckily, Lady Iona Mount Charles (Henry Mount Charles’ wife) was present in the VIP area. As I was on a tour of the new bar and restaurant that was being unveiled at Slane Castle, I found an opportunity to speak to Iona.

After a few minutes of chit chat, I decided to bite the bullet. I figured if I was to ask anyone about getting into the helicopter it would have to be her. I went for it and asked the big question and as soon as the words left my mouth, she laughed out loud.

At this point, I was obviously thinking that there was absolutely no chance of this happening. As soon as Iona finished laughing, she proceeded to remove her Access All Areas pass from her neck, placed it in my hand and said “Off you go”. I had no words. I just nodded in shock with my mouth open.

In less than an hour I was sitting in a helicopter, in the exact same seat that Slash had been sitting in. As someone who has been a fan of Guns N’ Roses since I was about 12 (Yes I know I still look 12, but I’m really not) I had never even dreamed of being in a situation where I’d be sitting on their helicopter flying over their gig in Slane.


The luxury, the thrill, the spectacular view of an iconic concert venue, the hint of rock and roll glamour, the fact Joe was stuck in a portable toilet.

It was a pinch-myself moment, for sure.

We also managed to get the jazz fan, Joe Gorman into the VIP area. He would describe the gig as being, “a little too modern” for him. But he did get to meet Slash! Well…sort of.

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Special thanks to Slane Castle.


Slane Castle are opening a brand new restaurant and bar in the Castle on 15 June, which will be run by Fitzer’s Catering ltd. The Gandon Room will offer Irish contemporary cuisine in a relaxed and cool environment open Thursday-Sunday. Browns Bar will be open daily offering a range of tasty dishes using a range of locally sourced products.


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