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07th Dec 2023

Viewers stunned as BBC presenter randomly gives the finger live on air

Joseph Loftus

Viewers were left baffled after a shocking moment live on air

Regardless of your take on BBC News, it’s probably fair to say that absolutely nobody was expecting this when they tuned in, as a presenter was caught giving the finger to the camera live on air.

The presenter caught in the act was none other than Maryam Moshiri who was featuring on the world feed of BBC News at 12 noon yesterday (Wednesday December 6) when the clock counted down before broadcasting her to millions of viewers across the globe.

However instead of being greeted with an image of a newsreader sat patiently or maybe shuffling some papers, viewers at home were instead graced by Moshiri giving them the one finger salute.

Understandably the clip has very quickly gone viral with many now pondering if she was presenting The Do One Show.

Moshiri threw the finger directly down the camera lens while being broadcast live on air and it takes her an eternal two seconds to realise before she switfly retracts her finger and acts like nothing has happened at all.

Moshiri then went onto present the news saying: “Live from London, this is BBC News.”

One person pondered: “Perhaps it’s like a game of ‘chicken’ and they dared to do things right up to the final second… so someone might be poking their tongue out, crossing their eyes or flashing, all before the credits finish. Or she was arguing with the cameraman.”

Another person took to X to write: “I’d love to be a fly on the wall”.

Oh deary me, I bet there was an interesting meeting after that went out.

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