Major Dublin street to become city’s largest traffic free zone 10 months ago

Major Dublin street to become city’s largest traffic free zone

A big win for pedestrians in time for the summer.

Dublin City Council have agreed to plans to pedestrianise Capel Street next month.


From May onwards, vehicles will only be permitted to drive on the street between 6am-11am for delivery purposes.

The pedestrianised area will be the largest traffic free space in the city bigger than both Grafton Street and Henry Street.


The pedestrianised area had been trialled over several weekends in the summer of 2021.

A non-statutory public consultation was held to survey people on their experience during the trial period.

6,957 submissions were received, with 95% of respondents deeming the traffic free street improved their experience and 89% of respondents wanting to see some type of pedestrianisation on Capel Street.

201 people living on Capel Street and in the surrounding area were surveyed, with an overwhelming majority approving the removal of traffic.


Reasons cited for the positivity included "improvement to the street, the uncomfortableness of the street at present, the reduction in noise, the feeling that Dublin currently prioritises cars over residents, and the atmosphere and community it creates".

“It will make it a lot easier for me to shop and run errands on Capel street as a pedestrian," said one resident.

"I do not have access to a car and I walk everywhere in Dublin.”

Not everyone is pleased with the pedestrianisation, however.


A number of submissions opposing the proposal was sent from Jervis Shopping Centre, Ilac Shopping Centre, the Ilac and Parnell Car Park, and Arnotts.

According to the businesses, the proposal will lead to the “permanent closure of many retail outlets in the north city centre area, and possibly the closure of at least one of the car parks serving this business area".

In response, Dublin City Council wrote that "it is not anticipated that this will be the case, nor has it been explained why this would happen.

"The biggest users of Capel Street are currently pedestrians.

"There are only 17 car parking spaces on Capel Street itself which would contribute a small amount to the of pedestrians on the street."


The pedestrianisation will be reviewed in September to assess how the changes have come into effect and for any further improvements.