The clocks are going back this weekend, here's everything you need to know 1 month ago

The clocks are going back this weekend, here's everything you need to know

Insert joke about not needing another hour of 2020 here.

Even though we know it's coming every year, the two days when the clocks either go forward or back are the source of great panic for many people.


To clear up any lingering confusion on the issue of Daylight Savings Time, the clocks will be set back one hour at 2am on Sunday, 25 October, meaning you will get one extra hour in bed.

This means it's brighter for one hour in the morning and sunset will come one hour earlier in the evening.

Much of Europe and North America, as well as parts of South America and Australasia, change their clocks. However, some countries in Africa and Asia situated around the equator do not change the time.

Don't worry, your phones and other devices will update their time automatically so the only ones you've to worry about are any older analogue clocks which need changing manually.

As for why we change the clocks, the idea was first raised by American politician and inventor Benjamin Franklin first came up with the idea while in Paris in 1784.

He thought that getting up an hour earlier in the morning during the winter would save people money on candles.

But Daylight Savings Time may soon be a thing of the past as the European Parliament voted in 2019 to scrap it altogether.


However, before we see this change come into fruition, the decision still has to be ratified by member states and the European Council.