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23rd Nov 2023

Dublin Airport hint at new facilities for plane-spotting

Simon Kelly

Dublin airport plane spotting

A mock-up was provided of the facility.

Dublin Airport have announced that they are “exploring potential options” around a beloved area next to the airport, specifically aimed at plane-spotters.

Taking to X / Twitter, the airport provided a mock up image of what the facility could potentially look like, saying: “Dublin Airport is currently exploring potential options to improve viewing options for plane spotters around the airport. Here’s one mock-up of what such a facility could look like. Would you use it?”

The mock up shows what looks like a small building, which may possibly be set aside for a small café or refreshments area, as well as picnic benches off the roadside.

Dublin Airport exploring options for plane-spotting area

The airport’s mock up for their potential new plane-spotting facility has gone down very well amongst the general public.

In reply to their tweet, one user said: “Absolutely would bring the kids here for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.”

Another said: “Yes please! We visit the mound regularly (from Cork!). But it is very dangerous to clamber down from back onto the road as the cars, trucks & buses zoom past. If someone lost their footing & stumbled, there would be a serious accident. It would be super to have a safer area.”

The current spot for viewing flights coming in and out of the airport is on the R108, which is close to the southern end of runway 10/28. It features a small shoulder off the road for cars to park, as well as a dirt mound for those looking for a better view.

Others took to social media to make suggestions for how to improve the facility, with some going slightly overboard.

One user said: “Need to put some creature comforts in there like free Wi-Fi, a decent cafe, arrival/ departure screens, wind break/ sun screens, comfortable seating, toilets, free parking up to 4 hours, return prohibited within 12 hours, elevated viewing above the passing vehicles, for starters”, to which Dublin Airport replied, “Don’t forget the spa treatments.”

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