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22nd Nov 2023

Gardaí highlight road user’s awful attempt to forge tax disk

Simon Kelly

garda tax disk

“You’d never tell it from the genuine article.”

Gardaí have highlighted one road user’s particularly bad attempt to forge their tax disk, which resulted in their car being seized.

Taking to Twitter / X, Gardaí uploaded a picture of the tax disk in question, which was crudely constructed by a driver and contained a handwritten expiry date of ’09-23′ placed on their dashboard.

“Gardai from Meath were on patrol over the weekend when they spotted something peculiar about the tax disc on a parked car,” the post stated.

“Yeah, the rest explains itself. This car was seized and a prosecution will follow,” the garda added.

Gardaí highlight road user’s awful attempt to forge tax disk

While the post by the Gardaí page stated that a prosecution will follow, some users commented underneath saying that the crafty individual deserves a bit of a break, given their creativity.

“That’s a bit harsh, he deserves a break for effort,” one user said.

“How did ya cop it? You’d never tell it from the genuine article. That driver has a special talent.” said another.

Other users pointed out that even though it was a forgery of a tax disc, the tax date was still out by two months, with the tax seemingly ending in September.

“Ah it was only out of date by 2 months,” someone commented.

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